We provide a cost-effective outsourcing solution for the development of medical diagnostics within a compliant and seamless process to help our clients achieve market success efficiently, confidently, and with reduced risk.


Our typical process delivers products within 3 – 4 years and results in cost-savings of around 90%

Covering every aspect of product lifecycle development, we begin with the design and technology development, full verification, and product validation. We also take the product through our prototyping, manufacturing validation, and scale-up processes, and finally clinical performance evaluations.

Finally, we deliver registration of the product and can assist with the launch to your chosen markets, the sale, marketing, and launch.

Focused expertise

Successful diagnostic product development and launch requires a wide range of skills. Supporting the product positioning and branding of new products, our expert team is composed of:

  • Experienced IVD Research and Development Managers
  • Manufacturing and Operations professionals
  • Senior Development Scientists
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Phlebotomists
  • Clinical Trials Managers
  • Instrument Developers (Firmware, Software, and Hardware)
  • Usability Engineers
  • Mechanical Designers
  • Labeling and Packaging Designers
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • QA Managers

Our accredited facilities

Our facilities are accredited to EN ISO13485:2016 for the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution for Medical and IVD companies.

Located at Magazine House in Bromborough, our accredited facilities are within easy reach of the region’s major specialist and university hospitals.

We have a seamlessly integrated approach to developing and manufacturing diagnostic products within our Bio-hazardous GLP product development and validation laboratories, Instrumentation Engineering Laboratory, and advanced GMP Manufacturing and Logistics Facility.



Our highly qualified team combine their expertise across a range of technologies and disciplines along with their seamlessly integrated approach to develop medical diagnostics products at our accredited facilities.

Mechanical and Solid State Systems

From ECG technologies, viscosity measurements, microscopic vision systems and mechanical techniques, Medtechtomarket has developed a number of products that deliver diagnosis with a direct measurement of the patient or on the sample itself.

Photometric and Fluorescence-Based Assays

At Medtechtomarket, we have wide-ranging experience in developing technical optical test cartridge formats and instrumentation to deliver highly sensitive colormetric, turbidity or fluorescence assay detection systems for measuring single biomarkers, enzyme assays and panels.


From state-of-the-art microfluidic immunofluorescence to traditional lateral flow technologies, we employ a range of immunological techniques to determine markers for clinical chemistry and haematology point of care diagnostic applications.


Utilising passive and active continuous-flow microfluidic approaches to channel blood and reagent samples into micro-cuvettes, flow channels, reaction chambers, electrochemistry and MEMS sensors we are able to measure a wide range of biochemical markers in a number of clinical applications.

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