About Us

We strive to deliver medical diagnostic solutions that has a transformative effect on medical care, healthcare professionals and patients’ lives.

Mission Statement

We seek to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for the design, development and manufacture of medical diagnostic products that help our clients achieve market success efficiently, confidently and with reduced risk.

We are committed to providing a safe, friendly working environment that harnesses our employee’s knowledge and experience to drive growth and achieve a good return on investment for our partners.

Dr Matt Pearce
Founder – MedtechtoMarket Ltd

Dr Matt Pearce has 35 years in medical device, diagnostic and instrumentation experience and has been responsible for the development, production and global launch of point of care diagnostic systems and medical products.

In 2012 he founded Medtechtomarket, the industry’s leading outsourcing solution for new diagnostic technologies.


The Medtechtomarket team has worked together directly for over 25 years developing, producing and launching products in over 50 countries worldwide.

“Being experienced and equipped at managing the whole product lifecycle is the key to our efficiency at Medtechtomarket. Every part of the design and development process is based in one location which enables us to significantly reduce the time for input, approvals and decision making.”

Dr. Hannah Martin

“We have a seamlessly integrated approach to developing and manufacturing diagnostic products within our GLP product development and validation laboratories, Instrumentation Engineering Laboratory, and advanced GMP Manufacturing and Logistics Facility.”

Dr Andrea Murray

“We are able to deliver products in under 4 years with 60 to 80% reduced costs due to the fact that our highly qualified team is able to work with a seamlessly integrated Quality and Project Management System at our accredited biohazardous, instrumentation and manufacturing facilities.”

Dr Peter Hull


Working in close partnership with our clients, we develop robust, compliant and commercially viable products ready for launch in the chosen market.

Point of Care Haemostasis

Working with a client based in the USA, we developed, manufactured and launched the world’s first…

Home-use Urology Monitor and Device

Medtechtomarket developed a urine collection and monitoring system for adults using indwelling catheters. Our system offered…

Rapid ECG

Medtechtomarket developed a wireless ECG device for use by professionals in primary, acute and hyper-acute care…

Rapid Near-Patient Sepsis Diagnosis

There are approximately 123,000 cases and around 46,000 associated deaths from sepsis reported in England each…



Our highly qualified team combine their expertise across a range of technologies and disciplines along with their seamlessly integrated approach to develop medical diagnostics products at our accredited facilities.

Mechanical and Solid State Systems

From ECG technologies, viscosity measurements, microscopic vision systems and mechanical techniques, Medtechtomarket has developed a number of products that deliver diagnosis with a direct measurement of the patient or on the sample itself.

Photometric and Fluorescence-Based Assays

At Medtechtomarket, we have wide-ranging experience in developing technical optical test cartridge formats and instrumentation to deliver highly sensitive colormetric, turbidity or fluorescence assay detection systems for measuring single biomarkers, enzyme assays and panels.


From state-of-the-art microfluidic immunofluorescence to traditional lateral flow technologies, we employ a range of immunological techniques to determine markers for clinical chemistry and haematology point of care diagnostic applications.


Utilising passive and active continuous-flow microfluidic approaches to channel blood and reagent samples into micro-cuvettes, flow channels, reaction chambers, electrochemistry and MEMS sensors we are able to measure a wide range of biochemical markers in a number of clinical applications.

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